Prep-Paid Plans

Best way to commit to your goal, save money, save time, and budget your food expenses.

"Order every 4 weeks"

This is what commitment looks like, "Pay 4 weeks in advance"

"Pre-Paid" Shredded Plan

"Pre-Paid" Lean Plan

Pick and Choose your Meals ("Your Choice") or select "Chef's Choice" after placing your order.

Why Pre-Pay

-If you would like to commit to change your diet or budget your food expenses this is the best plan for you.

-On average people that Eat Out expend $450/month($15/Day) to $750/month($25/day). Avoid overpaying for take-out by signing up for our pre-paid plan.

-If you have any questions about our pre-paid plan or any question about our service contact us at (951)347-5044 or (888)742-2710

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